Poll: Get rid of death messages?

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Should we get rid of the chat death messages?

Poll closed Sep 24, 2011.
Yes - take them out 5 vote(s) 71.4%
No - keep them 2 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. They have finally exposed a method so we can get rid of (or change) the death messages that came out with 1.8. What I am talking about is those white messages like "jeremy was killed by zombie" or "justin tried to swim in lava".
  2. I see no real need for them.
  3. See I dont know because say someone dies and Someone else is near them the 1 guy could ask nicely to get his stuff.
    Ok bad example here is a good ex. ok say me and lucky4life go out into the wild and we go into a cave but go seprate ways and then I die he can see that message of death and then go get my stuff if he felt like it. If not then I would have to run my butt to get my stuff.
  4. True, but you can just as easily ask him rather than hoping he will acknowledge your death. It worked like that before they were introduced.
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  5. But by then you have wasted time and now have less time to get to your stuff.
  6. The message just says that you died, not where you died. You would still have to tell him where to go.
  7. well i say make em world based and make em local distance base if possible?
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