Poll for my next auction

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What should I have in 1 week for my auction?

Poll closed Apr 8, 2013.
5 dc's of eggs 11 vote(s) 29.7%
Dc Quartz ores 22 vote(s) 59.5%
Dc's of stone 9 vote(s) 24.3%
Some enchanted rare books 21 vote(s) 56.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Here it is ...
  2. if no one buys I'm going cheap + I never won an action :(
  3. oh ya what Smp are you in I don't want to forget my package XD
  4. Wat do you mine I have not even started the auction and you didn't win
  5. I ment "if" I win but still what smp are you in and what day is it on im a weekend holiday guy :(
  6. What smp and res are you in just wondering
  7. smp4 res 8402
  8. *kev votes for all even though he won't bid on most of them*
  9. I did the exact same thing.
  10. Hey what's the minimum price i got little money
  11. For quartz that look like there winning will be 25-50k=25,000-50,000
  12. i think you need to go math more
  13. Yea I'm sorry I thought I put 25,000 sorry
  14. Looks like rare books are in the lead but I might just ask you guys wat book it would be
  15. Auction off World Domination.
  16. aw shuks to much that means I cant bid oh well hey im going to reck a different server somehow but DEFFINETLY not emc that would suck
  17. For thos how are wanting rare books there will be a vote on wat book in 4 days
  18. This is almost done Any more posts?
  19. Yes. One more.
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  20. Looking for more votes