Poll for College Paper: Why do Horses 'Misbehave'?

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Why do you think horses misbehave?

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A) Because horses are mean. It is always the horses fault. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
B) Because they were poorly trained or had a bad experience. 5 vote(s) 55.6%
C) Because they are poorly handled. 3 vote(s) 33.3%
D) Because the handler did soemthign wrong. The horse is never to blame. 1 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. I am doing a paper on Causes and Effects. My effect is 'misbehavior in horses'. I am trying to find out what people generally think is the reason they do so! So, if you would be so kind... Please answer the poll! Also feel free to add comments and discuss why you chose the answer you did. Thanks, Iramez!
  2. horses are very respectful creatures. if they dont respect you they wont listen. but if they do they can be better trained then dogs.
  3. Horses are very complex, and just like humans, can have mental issues, so that can be the source of some problems, but for any horse without these issues, I would say it is the fault of the person who takes care of it.
  4. Thanks for your opinion! I personally believe it is usually the handler. I also forgot to E) All of the above., so if you feel it could be everything please message me.
  5. My Mum has 2 horses. One of them, Harry, had recently been acting up. I think she said it was because his schedule changed, since my Mum had to work later then usual. More recently though, he was moved into a stable next to a different horse called Star who is known for kicking off and constantly kicking and screaming at horses in the stable next to her... He was misbehaving out of stress though, he bit my Mum's arm :s

    Edit: And it's mostly is the owner, yeah
    But it can be just what the horses have been through in it's life. Like my Mum's other horse doesn't like being ridden or sat on at all, but we don't actually know why.
  6. Thank you.I will try to reply to everyone but if I miss you ti's because you posted before I refreshed. I will get you in the next post!

    BlackKnight: I agree that sometimes it is the horse, but if it isn't the horse it is the handler. But also one must remember that sometimes the bad behavior is taught/influenced by the handler.

    AliceF3: That is partly the horse, and partly handling. Thanks for your input.
  7. In my opinion, as a horse rider i think it is mainly how the handler has treated them, however all horses have good days and bad days. I have learnt not to just think that the horse will just behave because they have my past 4 rides because horses are unpredictable. For example i have ridden and the horse been doing really well and then suddenly just takes off!