Poll: Eggification of babies?

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Should you be able to eggify baby animals?

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Yes - Sometimes I want to pack up and it is annoying waiting for them to grow 46 vote(s) 90.2%
No - I like waiting for them to regrow before I eggify them 5 vote(s) 9.8%
  1. The reason you can only eggify and adult animal, is because originally the eggs spawned adults, and we didn't want people having the loophole of speeding up the growth process using eggification. So currently I don't see a reason not to allow eggification of babies. What do you think?
  2. Double negatives make my head hurt. :p

    Honestly, I think if they start out as a baby from the egg, you might as well be able to eggify a baby.
  3. Before I vote, are there any disadvantages to the idea that I might not be aware of?
  4. None that I can think of.
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  5. would be nice, I accidently threw my wolf egg I got, and then couldn't reclaim it :( I bet he's done wondered off now.
  6. It appears Im the only one who'd rather wait for them to grow :L
  7. But why?? :L
  8. I rather wait too.
    Other wise it would be too easy in the wild for Ocelots.
  9. If eggs spawn adult animals and baby animals can be eggified it allows people to bypass the growth process by eggifying baby animals and then just spawning them as adults, but if eggs spawn baby animals then eggifying baby animals or adult animals will set back thier growth cycle rather than bypassing it.

    So yeah, as long as eggs spawn baby animals there's no reason to prevent the eggification of baby animals.

    And for those who are concerned that this will make it so you don't have to wait for the animals to grow up, they will still have to grow up because eggs spawn baby animals no matter what.
  10. Sounds good. Yes, from me!
  11. look at this way...

    you hatch 10 eggs, waiting for them to grow.. then something comes up and you need to log off (ie: kids whos parents tell them time for dinner/homework/bed/sports/every other random thing a parent makes you do)... you have to log off... but MC loves to despawn the animals when they are babies!

    If you could eggify the babies, simply turn em all back to eggs before logging off and wait to try another time.
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  12. agreed
  13. The only possible downside I can see is that I would no longer have to wait after breeding animals to eggify and put them in my shop. I don't think that's a downside, but others might.

    I don't think it would make much difference, most of the ocelots in the wild that I've seen are adults and in a couple of weeks when everyones got a pair, it will be far easier (and cheaper) to just breed them. Why go in the wild and pay 100r per ocelot when you can buy a couple of fish and breed a baby for less.
  14. Where do you buy eggs
  15. Store or player stores.
  16. I don't think there are any exploits in this.

    I was originally thinking that it somehow felt 'wrong', but on reflection I've decided:

    a) You can egg a baby that will turn into a baby when used, so no advantage to be gained.
    b) It actually makes more sense for a baby to come out of an egg.

    If you egg an adult, there's an additional cost associated with it, of actually getting a baby back and having to wait for it to grow. I think that's appropriate.
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  18. :D Oh Good now get some sleep wait its only erm... 8:25pm over there Its 10:25pm here :p