[Poll] does SMP1 Need A Hotel?

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Does SMP1 Need A Hotel?

Yes 8 vote(s) 36.4%
No 14 vote(s) 63.6%
  1. I've recently (after almost 300 days on the Empire) discovered Ignoramoose and Krys's amazing hotel. That is a well managed hotel. On SMP1 we do not have a large, well managed hotel. We have plenty of smaller, not well managed hotels (which are great if you need a one night stay). But with SMP1's res's running dry, I was wondering, and I shall ask you guys first.. Does SMP1 need a hotel? Mind you, when I ask this.. i mean: Well managed, Nice rooms, has SPACE in them. Please answer in the poll, thanks guys :D
  2. Morning Bump :D
  3. To be honest Bunker, ie though about making a hotel for quite a while now, I think you should go ahead and make SMP1 proud!
  4. Ive always thought about one myself. Lol
  5. I think there are some already 'in the works'. However if there was a hotel like the blue ribbion on SMP 1 that would be great!
  6. Faithcaster is making one. I'm not sure how far that has gotten, but that'll be a good hotel.
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  7. If it's a small hotel, it is not needed.
    If it is a resort, WE NEEDS IT!!
  8. I am currently making a tropical resort; called Tropica! :D
    Anyways as a member of EMC and SMP 1 I say go for it. But make it your own style, not something you don't like. By this I mean don't make rooms smaller for more rooms. Make only a few rooms on each floor so everyone enjoys there rooms. Don't make it bland, decorate it! As for SMP 1 needing a hotel, why I think if there is room, there is a need! Hoped I helped :D
  9. Hmm.. my mind might be made up.. but ill continue letting people vote until 6pm EST
  10. To be quite honest It's not about what SMP 1 NEEDS it is what you WANT to do. If you want to do it go for it!
  11. I suppose if another server needs it more. Il do that too :D
  12. We have many hotels that aren't really famous, Faithcaster has a wonderful hotel being built. I had a wonderful hotel built with doublechests of Iron Blocks. Sadly I broke it down, since hotels are pretty useless. I would possibly build the same design somewhere else.

    Go for it if you really want to make one, but it doesnt earn you much money!
  13. Eh, Im ust not the type of person whos good at running shops. So oh well :p Plus this would be more of a "resort" so a little more expensive
  14. Bunker, if you do go ahead, I'll be happy to give u some :)
  15. Already started building it Mini :)
  16. Cool, tell me what u need
  17. It will be an expensive one.
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  18. Thats on thing i dont want.. I want a hotel that newer players can use also. Why charge 80,000 for a room?
    I need a lot of items.. so rupee donations help the most. But mostly glass, stone brick, slabs.. stuff like that
  19. Alright can do 10k would be the most I could pull ATM though sorry