[POLL/DISCUSSION] Vote For EMC on MineStatus and MCSL!

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Do you want a Vote Button on the main page for easier access?

Yes! 37 vote(s) 86.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I think it would add clutter to main page 2 vote(s) 4.7%
I don't really care 4 vote(s) 9.3%
  1. Hey guys Waffle here, as many of you have noticed there has been a lack of people joining or the servers haven't been as full..

    Well if you haven't noticed I certainly have ;), When I joined EMC a long time ago I remember there was only 5 servers or less and SMP7 came out like a week later. All of the servers were packed to the brim of the cap at most hours of the day. We had a diverse community from all over the world, Sweden, Germany, UK, USA, Australia, Norway, etc, etc..

    Back then people voted for EMC and more and more people came to us because they saw us on the MCSL and MineStatus websites!

    I plan to get us back up there by making it a priority for all of us! I will be making a voting link in my signature that you only have to click and I advise all of you to slip it in your signature and hopefully we can get our rank up!

    I also have thought up an idea to make it easier for us to vote.. We need a vote button on the main page rather than hidden in the Rupees section! I myself find it rather annoying to navigate myself all the way to that section then click. If you want that I will be making a poll and hopefully, hopefully, and maybe a little of Justin sauce and ice cream we can get it on the main page ;).

    Be sure to check this thread for updates on our rank and popularity!

    Logo DONE:

    Code for signature:
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  2. Ok. I voted!
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  3. Finished logo making code and stuff now!
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  4. Finalized everything and fixed code bugs.. I hope the logo isn't too big :)
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  5. Great job everyone! We have jumped from 165 to 75 in rankings! Now remember to vote for them free rupees.. Who doesn't love free stuff?!
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  6. You do realize that there are 10 smp servers? You really cant expect them to be all full... Look at the top of the server list and if the number is lower that 100, than we have a problem...
  7. keep it up guys! I will talk to someone on this main page thing if it gets a lot of attention.. I would love if we can get in the top 10 or something :)
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  8. up to rank 64! Every vote counts here and votes wont reset until the end of the month! I wanted to get a quick jump of things so we could get to the top and stay there :p
  9. And if you read the Minecraft Quarterly on the website and put in your IGN and email, you get double votes for June! And maybe double rupees! I recommend that everybody does this. :D
  10. yup 2x votes means 2x more popularity! :)

    I would love more input on the main page vote icon.. As I want it there so more people will be encouraged to make EMC a more popular place with the minecraft community.

    Any posts on suggestions will be appreciated!
  11. It's sad we we're doing so well but then MineStatus reset their database :(
  12. they reset it every month to give new servers chances to get to the top.. If there is a plugin that lets us vote INGAME that would be even BETTER! Actually I am pretty sure there is :).. If anyone has thoughts on this too that would be sweet. I mainly think its a good idear because not half of the emc people get on the site AT ALL so ingame voting would drastically increase
  13. I agree, everyone should vote. And remember, if you vote you can get an entry to the I <3 EMC competition! Just post on the thread.
  14. well then, I <3 emc a lot :p. I am raising voting awarness as my part for the EMCake Party.. I really just self promoted myself because I really want more people to expierence EMC!
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  15. Time for another thread revive to gather attention.. I don't usually do this, but I love EMC so much I felt it should be done :). Remember its not voting once; its voting everyday every 24hrs you can make a new vote.
  16. It's been probably a week now.. votes have been up lets all keep voting! Cheers to all who voted :)
  17. Alright I got some response on the mainpage thing from ICC and Justin.. They are taking it into consideration.. Don't expect it soon though most likely of 1.3 update..

    Otherwise great job keeping rank 58.. I wish we could get under 50 so we are on the 1st 2 pages of votes..

    A waffle can dream can't he? ;)
  18. This is great keep up the great wotk Wafflez. :)

    EDIT: It wont let me highlight the whole code any help?
  19. Well, yeah, I have noticed a decrease in players. I remember trying to connect onto smp3 waaay back in February to play with my friend, and the server was always full. Then SMP5 came out, people switched over to there, smp6 came out, people went to there, then SMP7. Here came the tragedy. We had wild groups moving out there because it was 1.2 land!

    Smp1, Smp2, Smp3, smp4, smp5 and smp6 were all abandoned. Then came the 1.2 land, people went into the wild, mined in a poor fashion around spawn, and left because smp7 and 6 were much quicker! Then people decided not to vote for EMC on Minestatus and stuff, so it was stepped on by a bunch of crappy whitelist servers.

    When the other smps got the new hardware, everybody had plans to move over to smp8 and 9, and started to pack their reses. They came out, and then half of our 4,000 players stopped playing because the server was boring :p

    Including my friend who introduced me to this wonderful place. Nowadays, I just log in to smp3, collect my daily bonus, talk to people, and then leave. Then I go play on some hunger games server. These servers could do with getting full again, getting more donators (have you noticed the slower progression in server making rates?), being top on the list on most server list websites, and get its members back by adding something new.