[POLL] 2 Residences

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Which server. You make at MAX 2 votes.

SMP1 20 vote(s) 29.9%
SMP2 15 vote(s) 22.4%
SMP3 12 vote(s) 17.9%
SMP4 7 vote(s) 10.4%
SMP5 8 vote(s) 11.9%
(Already have the super mall on) SMP6 5 vote(s) 7.5%
SMP7 15 vote(s) 22.4%
SMP9 6 vote(s) 9.0%
Utopia 21 vote(s) 31.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Dear Empire,
    As you [might] know, I upgraded from Gold Supporter To Diamond Supporter. I have not claimed my 3rd residence, and my 4th residence. Please vote to make this [odd?] decision!

    Hear the people:
  2. Erbody loooooves 4! And Green_Mystery is on there too every now and then! Everyone loves Green_Mystery!
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  3. VOTE! Dont tell.
  4. I actually posted that then voted. Also, it was really just a shameless plug :p
  5. I dont like 4 too much, too expensive EVERYTHING....
  6. I dunno, once there were 25 r diamonds :D
  7. 3 for the win guys!!
  8. SMP7 is my fav, Griefed wild, but its where all my homies are at!
  9. You can join the Jungle Outpost on smp7 too.
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  10. I already have :)
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  11. Well The Light lightpost house something like that, i have recently joined.
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  12. yeah me gusta utopia!
  13. ?
  14. no smp8? hows that fair?
  15. SO sorry, guys, for SMP8, just post it
  16. smp8 and smp9. those are awesome servers.
  17. i would do as many utopia lots as possible, and fill the rest at smp9, or good old smp1 :D
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