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  1. Pokemon Is The Second greatest game ever.
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  2. What is the first? Minecraft?
  3. Both are awesome, i don't play, but pokemon made me a buck today when I sold 10 cards to this guy in may speech class. :p
  5. No Its 3rd ;) first is Cod 6 xD
  6. Anyone know where I can play some Free PC-Pokemon-Game?
    I have always wanted to play Pokemon :3
  7. just go to gamestop and buy a ds a the pokemone game
  8. Nah, I don't like ds...
    But wait... my bro got a 3ds!!!!
    I will force him to buy a Pokemon game >:]
    But seriously... anyone knows if you can play one? =P

  9. That cost money, you should try going to www.pokemon.com then go under the tcgo (trading card game online and play against others)
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  10. It's free
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  11. And they give you packs to start off with but if you want more you will have to go buy booster packs at walmart/ target.
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  12. I love it by the way that is why i know this and it is TONS OF FUN.
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  13. Yaaaay found one at gamesbutler.com!!! =D
  14. Thanks alot for saying that!!!
    I'm making an account, name is Rompa12 =3
  15. http://www.coolrom.com/ download the gameboy emulator or any of the others, download a game, click load and choose the downloaded game and you should be able to play pokemon (if thats the one you downloaded)
  16. *cough cough* We aren't supposed to support piracy here, despite what our personal feelings are about it.
  17. it isn't piracy?
  18. Emulators and roms are piracy.
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  19. Ohh I never Knew
  20. i love me some pokemon. i recently decided to get back into the trading cards, which is a lot of fun :)
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