Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

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  1. Hello all!
    I wanted to start this thread to celebrate the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!
    I will be getting the game later today and wanted to start a thread to discuss what you think about the game and what it is/will be like. Pros and Cons? Ruby or Sapphire? Too many legendaries? What do you think? I'm super excited for this game (as it will be the first game I have pre-ordered before) and can't wait to see what you all say! Thanks!
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  2. Does the game take place in the Hoenn Region or somewhere else?
    Ender King:cool:
  3. *I apologize for any confusion between the word 'may' and the character 'May'.

    I don't have either of these games yet even though the original games were an ancient memory for me that was created over a decade ago.
    Based on the people around me who or are interested, there are probably two main audiences: the old and the new. Newcomers may want rush through the games so they can use the new mega stones, and as a result they miss a lot of content. Older fans, like myself, would likely take their time to enjoy every moment.
    When I play ones of these remakes myself, I'm going to set rules for myself to ensure it's taken as an everlasting memory for my childhood.
    Some of these rules include the following:

    *Keep story advancement and other spoilers to yourself.
    *Progress through the game only in a peaceful environment. This does not apply for long, repetitive tasks.
    *Write down any valuable information, such as new vocabulary and phrases rich in meaning. You may never encounter the same information again.