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  1. Ok pokemon fans!! today I ran into a simple-ish problem: what does this evolve? here are the stones/objects
    • Prism Scale
    • Moon Stone
    • Shiny Stone
    • Sun Stone
    Plz help. I might give you a Eevee on global link if I could :p
  2. I might not beable to reply because my PC is angry >=(
  3. Trade Feebas while holding a Prism Scale for it to evolve
    Clefairy ----> Clefable
    Gloom ------> Vileplume
    Jigglypluff -----> Wigglytuff
    Togetic -----> Togekiss
    Gloom -------> Bellossom

    Thats all from memory so sorry if it is incomplete.
  4. Thx XD
  5. Google.
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