Pokemon Black 2

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  1. So... I play, and was wondering who else does. I just caught a Cobalion, so that's cool.
    My first game was fire red for gameboy, then diamond for ds, then sapphire for gameboy, then soul silver, black, and black two for DS. Lol. Thanks GameStop for cheap games.
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  2. I recently spent 40$ getting a game boy color and 4 Pokemon games (fire red, emerald, those kinda ) played them for 1 hour then got bored. But I want to get back into them. Loved them as a kid
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  3. Yup.
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  4. I've devoted my handheld goals to tracking down a copy of Miles Edgeworth Investigations, so I won't be playing this until I find that.
  5. They are fun... until you beat the champions.
  6. Now I'm trying to catch virizion...
  7. To be honest, the whole Pokemon franchise is going down hill ( in my eyes).

    I remember receiving my first game boy SP and it was the best day of my childhood.

    The day after, my cousins gave me Ruby Red and Emerald for my birthday. I spent weeks training my Pokemon to max level, defeating Gym leaders on my way. I loved seeing all my Pokemon evolve; not to mention seeing them defeat the Legendary Pokemon. It was a good time in my life :)

    In my opinion Game Freak Inc™ is forgetting how to make the games memorable for the kids/adults; opposed to the great games like Emerald, Fire Red, Ruby, Silver.

    My most memorable memory of my Pokemon venture was when Groundon slowly arose from the dark, shaded lava pools and you were forced to fight the mighty beast. ( Best part of Ruby )

    Jacob, I didn't mean to go on a full on rant, but I think Game Freak is milking the series.

    Good thread though, it brought me back to the good ole days :)
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  8. I kind if agree- theyre focusing too much in graphics.
    I loved sapphire- I never really got to enjoy fire red, it started glitching and deleted my save every time I turned my gameboy off.
    When it started pouring down rain and kyogre swam slowly towards you :) Best games ever :)
  10. Welcome to the dark side.
  11. After I saw bw2, I more or less stopped.

    I loved gen. 4, and it's what I'll forever remember as "the best pokemon generation". Granted, I didn't play that much gen 3, but I still loved diamond. I played bw mostly for the storyline, as tbh, the sprites sucked (an ice cream pokemon... really?).

    Now... meh. Gen 6 looks really bad to me.