Pokemon Battles!!

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  1. Hewo Everyone!!

    So I know there are a lot of pokemon fans out there including me. I currently had to replace my Pokemon X game and account, long story XD But I am back playing and on a roll once again! So I decided to make this thread!!

    I only have Pokemon X since my other games are locked away...somewhere that I have no clue of XD Go on your 3DS and add me to your friend list, I will give you my friend code later ( bottom ) of this post. In the comments tell me and eachother your Friend Code so we can add you to! If you want to battle me just tell me and Battle On :p If you want to Trade with me and others go to: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/pokemon-trading-thread.57133

    My Friend Code: 2767 0243 7915

    !Gotta Catch Em All!
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