PokéPals Supply Company

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  1. Welcome to the official page for the PokéPals supply company!

    We are a new supply company that is willing to make a name for itself. As of today, November 25, 2013, we are officially taking orders. Currently we would like to say that your order is capped at 2 DC per block type. Once you have placed your order in the forums we will wait for you to pay the given total and once we receive payment we will send you a PM confirming your order has been processed. Payments will be made to the employee who fills the order.

    This is our order menu, (we will be starting with only a few different block types but plan to expand as business grows)

    Block Type---SC --- DC
    Smooth Stone --- 1250r --- 2500r

    Stone Brick --- 1250r --- 2500r

    Sandstone (any variant) --- 3000r --- 6000r

    Sand --- 1500r --- 3000r

    Glass --- 2500r --- 5000r

    Netherrack --- 1000r --- 2000r

    Nether Brick --- 2500r --- 5000r

    Grass --- 500r --- 1000r

    Gravel --- 750r --- 1500r

    Hardend(Stained) Clay --- 3000r --- 6000r

    Red Sand --- 2000r --- 4000r
    Logs(Oak, Birch, Spruce, Dark Oak, Acaia) --- 3000r --- 6000r***
    *Please note prices are subject to change unless you have already confirmed a previous price

    ** Current order limit is 2 DC per block type

    Please use the proper order format (those who don't will be ignored)

    Block Type :

    Amount (in SC or DC) :

    Pickup or Delivery Residence :

    Total Price :

    If you do not want your order to be delivered it can be picked up at Res 303 SMP1, details about where on the res will be included in your confirmation.

    Refund/Late order Policy

    It is our goal to make sure that you do not have to wait super long for your blocks
    If your order is a 1 SC-1DC allow 3-5 days after confirmation for delivery
    If your order is more than 1 DC please allow up to 7 days after confirmation

    If your order exceeds the time limit given than we will refund you back 10% of the total price you've paid, and your order will be bumped up to 1st priority. If you wish to cancel an order after you've received confirmation, you surrender 50% of the money paid.

    If you want to cancel your order before you have gotten a PM confirming the order you will receive a 100% refund.

    Be There or Be Square
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  2. Block Type : Glass, Smooth Stone

    Amount (in SC or DC) : 1 DC of each

    Delivery Residence (optional, add 20r per DC) : I'll pick up

    Total Price : 7500 rupz
  3. Rainier6 your order is ready for pickup, BUMP
  4. Block Type : Sand

    Amount (in SC or DC) : Sc

    Delivery Residence (optional, add 20r per DC) : Ill pick up

    Total Price : 1500r
  5. All paid for and picked up, thank you!
  6. RunningRhino your order is ready for pickup!
  7. Would be a good idea to shorten the URL of this page before posting it on servers.. Just saying
  8. Block Type : Smooth Stone

    Amount: (in SC or DC) : DC

    Delivery Residence (optional, add 20r per DC) : Ill pick up

    Total Price : 2500r
  9. Added Sandstone to menu BUMP
  10. lameidl your order is ready for pickup!
  11. Picked it up, thank you!
  12. Block Type : Sandstone

    Amount (in SC or DC) : One DC of Each Type

    Delivery Residence (optional, add 20r per DC) : 3940

    Total Price : 9020r
  13. Ark_warrior1, your order is ready for delivery, still awaiting payment and access chests!
  14. BUMP added Oak Logs to menu!
  15. Block Type : Sand

    Amount (in SC or DC) : 2 DCs

    Pickup or Delivery Residence : 14362

    Total Price : 6000r Once items are dropped off i will pay 6000r :)
  16. payment sent and access chests up at 3940.
  17. all delivered Ark_warrior1! thanks for chosing PokéPals!
  18. flamingpotato42 your sand has been delivered!
  19. Bump, guys this is a really fast and cheap service!