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  1. Hello everybody! Im fresh of my ban and starting my life anew. Me and my pal IPokemonI are starting up or own supply company PokéPals! We will start taking orders from anyone that needs help supplying their stores or just want bulk supplies to create with! Please respond to the thread or PM either me or IPokemonI for details. Res # 2337 & 2338.
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  2. I can use maybe 1 stack of glowstone if possible? how much does that run me?
  3. What are your rates?
  4. glowstone i can supply but it will take a bit of time and be expesive but if you need it im cheeper then buying from the store
  5. could u supply me with diamonds??
  6. Could you supply me with cobble and Stone Brick?
  7. Supply me with:
    Wood(Logs all type of them, Stone,Cobble,Sand,Sandstone,Glass, Coal,Diamond,Iron,Gold,Redstone,Lapis lazuli blocks.

    All in Double chests amounts. Tell me a price :D
  8. I need a chest of stonebrick for my res how much r
  9. Buying sandstone, logs, coal, cobblestone, sand for high rates. I think we want your prices listed though :p
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  10. I require 4 DC's of each wood log and Require about 10 DC's of sand if possible Please let me know price :)