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Do you like my poetry? (BE HONEST)

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  1. Most of you have heard me before!

    That's good if you like my poetry...

    This forum is all about it..

    I have understood what everything means if it is from others.

    I am kind of dyslexic...

    Ok, if I get a topic, I will write a poem about that topic!

    It an't be anything about Minecraft or games... Real life! :p Have fun!
  2. Ok, I have some things to tell you...I am leaving... You might see me a few times a day, but It's better with the mods for me to leave... I have to say.... Goodbye...

    I have to...

    My young pupils.
    A journey has been set about,
    For adventures.
    Among the vast valleys of the living.
    Farewell, to the wonderful meetings and greetings for those who are swell.
    Thyself must leave.
    Thyself must go.
    To a land of the living.
    To the living, I must go.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.