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  1. Is it possible to get a list of the non-custom plugins for EMC? If I could get the custom ones that would be awesome, though unlikely.
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  3. EMC would never give out Custom Plugins. I know the non custom plugins EMC is uses is SimpleVanish, dynmap and DisguiseCraft. I think there are also a few others. But all of those have been modified too. So basically nothing on EMC is non-custom.
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  4. sry I know this doesn't fit here but how do you start a thread
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  5. You go to the section you want to post in and click "Start a Thread" in the corner.
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  6. thx a ton and for the convenience I thought I would be told to not post like that:)
  7. Do you wish to be told not to post like that? If so, click this spoiler.
    Don't post like that! :D

    If not, read on.
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  8. normaly when I ask for help on other servers players and moderators keep talking about banning me so I freak and ban my self:mad:
  9. oh ya I know some plugins but not the "name" they are;
    click a mob with a stick to make it a mob
    buy and sell items with a chest and sign
    lock chests (probably lockette)
  10. All of those are custom programmed by the EMC Developers.
  11. then all I know is lockette or that other one
  12. EMC does not use lockette.
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