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  1. If this is Empire Minecraft, then there should be empires that people create. We would use this by having factions. Each faction is an empire. At the end of each month in the real world, the empires are ranked based on amount of land, their wealth (how much rupees each person in the faction has altogether), the population of the empire, and the empire's power. The government of each empire would be located at the empire's admin's 60x60 residence in the town.
  2. Nah, I'm not feeling this. It's an idea, for sure. But I don't think I like this idea for the mainstream servers. Perhaps a specialized server with a few tweaks to your idea could work, though I still don't know about that. Something like this to be a thing would take a great amount of thought and consideration to EMC's values.
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  3. Like green said, too many mainstream servers use factions. It is also taxing to the player's residence, and Empire Minecraft is an Empire because we are a welcoming community and accept all races (people from different continents, countries, disabilities) and the community comes together to form an 'empire'.
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  4. Nah (Waiting for that bearrrrrr!!!)
  5. No, just no...If that bear shows up, the world will burn...and some men who have wanted to watch that happen will be watching... D:
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  6. Some people just want to see the world burn :p
    Wasn't going post it but your comment forced me
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  8. Going off on my factions macro...

    My idea of factions is a group of annoying kids who band together and unnecessarily stomp out every faction in existence. How? They give people a diamond to join,
  9. Ive thought about this as a wild option, you could protect your outpost (LLO, PPO, Slime town)
    From greifers and allow people to live there safely.
  10. and have wars?!
    also I live in the LLO but I understand that if the wild gets reset ITS MY FAULT for living/building there or if a greifer comes still its the WILD
  11. No wars. ( unless we want wars )
  13. How dare you type in CAPS.
  14. The IDEA is not out of the question, but we would most likely not use the standard Factions system.

    We've already announced I will be working on improving the experience of living in the wilderness by adding ways of protecting land in the wild, and teleportation to your outpost.

    I've already been brainstorming this plus other ideas to add to the wild updates, but it would not be the same as Factions, I think you could consider it better than Factions.

    Also, Factions was tailored for PVP, but we will not be adding PVP to the SMP servers.

    Be on the lookout for future updates, but the overall "goals" your having for wanting Factions will mostly/completely be answered with the things we have planned.
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  15. thank god you talked about no PVP on SMP Servers! I dont want PVP in the WILD of SMP!
  16. Won't ever happen.

    Our PVP will be on a completely new specialty server in a game based method so that it is fun and goal oriented.
  17. +1 To Aikar's coding skills.. Will we release the new protective system to the public as the server who orignally made factions did? We could get quite popular *wink wink* ;)
  18. With the things we have planned it wouldn't be possible/feasible. EMC is unique because the features are developed in a way to make EMC integrated. Many of these features will be shared in how they work to other EMC elements.

    For example on basic reasons for the protection system.. It will be linked to the teleportation system (as they will essentially be the one together as a package), but the teleportation system will be designed with town in mind.

    But not all servers have towns, let alone the same "Design" EMC does.

    Factions serves a pretty good solution to the masses, but EMC is not your typical "Grab Bukkit, drop common plugins and go" server like most others are... its designed and crafted as 1 well oiled integrated machine.
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  19. If it isnt out of the question, then we should find a way to make it not the standard factions plugin