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  1. Hey guys,

    I thought i'd open a small thread for all of us to post ideas for plugins.

    Here are a few ive mentioned to Justin already

    - LWC : locks chests (could be handy in the wasteland)
    - Block history (against griefing)
    - Falsebook (for gates/bridges/lifts)
    - Trackmania (railway troughout the wasteland/wildernis)

    Other suggestions
    - A new rank for trusted non-griefing members (Member +)
    - A tighter approval for new members, so that we dont only get griefing peeps
    - Empire Shop with a ability for players to Sell their stuff, instead of only buying (economy boosting)
  2. My view on plugins is that they should only serve to make the server run more efficiently and effectively rather than add special content. SMP servers are far much more fun when it's as close to vanilla Minecraft as possible.
  3. I'll let Justin chime in on the other ones, but we actually are working on a HUGE project right now that will take care of the tighter approval for new members. You should be seeing something on this soon. It's very awesome and very unique to the Empire!

    In regards to the selling, players right now can buy and sell items (See the guide for instructions) in their own store chests. We've discussed and tried to come up with solutions for buying items in the official store, but sadly, there are to many things in place in which that would ruin the economy more than help it. There are things like cobblestone generators, obsidian generators and glitches that pop up from time to time that allow duplication of items. With those things in existence, having an official store to buy it (the "server" has unlimited money), it could easily jump someone up way higher than everyone else without them actually doing the legwork for the items.

    Hope this answer helped, for at least those two suggestions. :)
  4. @AusQB Vanilla minecraft will still be the major part of the server, but a few plugins to enhance the gameplay, and help players a little in the wasteland with LWC for example, doesnt make the vanilla element vanish. And the other plugins r anti grief, which is something EMC also wants right? Less griefing?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions Eclipsys, I am always happy when members participate in helping to make us better!

    The reason we don't use LWC like some other big server is because we don't reset worlds. On a lot of big servers they are constantly resetting worlds and we think that is stupid. What happens with LWC is you end up with chests EVERYWHERE that are protected (like thousands around the spawn area), and because LWC has no central storage (that is why it is light weight) there is no way to remove inactive players chests. So yes if we were resetting worlds this would work. Griefers also use this as a tool, say placing chests all over your mine, or making protected chest walls (with LWC you can lock it to anyones name, so its hard to tell if it is yours).

    Griefing will always be a problem in MC no matter how many plugins you use. This is something we are taking seriously and over the next two weeks we will be coming out with some unique solutions, both to keep griefers from ever joining and catching ones that do join.

    Also of course everything in your residence is safe :)
  6. Thats a point, I'm more the kind of builder that likes to adept its building to the surrounding landscape. The city is nice n square, but ive already got my house =p.

    Thats why im working on projects in the Wasteland as well. Fortresses n stuff. I know how to keep my chests well hidden, since the first MC server i was on didnt have good anti grief solutions n admins that really didnt do anything.

    Im looking for ways to make building in the wasteland a little easier and safer against griefing, we all know griefing is pathetic.

  7. I like to build houses that stick out from the side of a mountain, but my res is not really a mountain, and the wasteland/wilderness, well you guys should know...

    I should be a member+. I only got banned once for spamming the chat trying to tell Dark_Liz about that scamming incident since everyone didn't believe me.Lolz

    How do I change my rank from new member to member? I've been on EMC for a few weeks now...
  8. Good idea, all of them! Gwormn and I have been talking and we think there should be a pet shop were you could buy wolves for around 12000 rupees. Also the railway system was a really good idea.
  9. i've been thinking about this and you can limit the store to buying coal/iron/gold/lapis/diamonds as none of these can be glitched (that i know of) these are all ores that everyone has the same access to

    any abuse of the system would result in a ban

    maybe even put a limit on how much you can sell in a day say you can only sell 1k worth of items to the server store