Plugins/Mods that JustinGuy could make.

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  1. Whenever I buy stuff in large amounts I always try to find a store selling a stack Instead of the quantity being 1. But when I cannot find a store with the quantity being a stack I have to buy from smaller quantities so that's why I thought of This Idea: JustinGuy should add a feature to ChestShop(Because he knows Java) so you can stare at a shop sign and type
    /cs b ###
    The ### would be the quantity so for example if you found a store which sold 1 cobblestone for 2r and you wrote /cs b 50 it would give you 50 cobblestone and charge you 100r

    My other idea:
    You know the Plugin WorldEdit? Well when you use WorldEdit blocks appear out of nowhere.
    I bet JustinGuy can recode it so instead of the blocks appearing out of thin air they could come out of your inventory.Also if you delete something it would cost you durability on your tools. For example if I select 1 layer of dirt in my Residence (60x60x1) and I have 1 diamond shovel and I delete the one layer my shovel will take 3,000 duribility on it so it would be like I dig 3,000 times. So it would be like a legit WorldEdit.
  2. I had a dream that I updated to 1.3, It was awesome. But then i tried logging into EMC. I couldn't. then it became a nightmare.
  3. The world edit idea sounds good in theory ONLY if it was to be used in your town plot, but this is a vannila server and I doubt it would happen

    BUT your shop sign idea IS WIN!!

    1, less clicking for the buyer (no more carpel tunnel)
    2, Less Rupee spam for sellers.
  4. Oh wow how did i forgot to include less spam
  5. This is a bukkit server not vanilla.
    Proof: When a new version comes out JUstinGuy says we have to wait for bukkit to make a compatible version with the new version of minecraft
  6. It is as vanilla as you will ever get. in the sense that it is all legit game play and no buildings have been made with items from the wild
  7. I have read over it understand your first half but not after the and no buildings... could you re-phraze it please?
  8. Making a plugin/mod for a server like this isn't a peace of cake, especially when our expectations are really high! I don't think people understand how much time and effort is placed into these projects Justin does for us.
  9. Its not vanilla flavored when you can WorldEdit stuff. Even if it comes out of your inventory.
  10. We are no longer using bukkit from my last check
    The vanilla aspect is that we are as close to survival as possible, the plugins we're hosting at the moment are mostly all Justin written, this meaning we are not a creative server.
    World Edit is on the Disallowed mod list, please don't use it.
  11. Were still using Bukkit last time I checked.

    So heres how it goes.
    Bukkit is typically a developers API build and strictly not suppose to be used as a server engine. CraftBukkit in the other hand is specifically for server owners and is used to run customized servers by using plugins. CraftBukkit++ in the other hand is a modified version of CraftBukkit made by Afforess because he got tired of "larger servers have problems with Craftbukkit, specifically with terrible ticks per second, which causes lag in game, and ruins the PVE and PVP experience for players.". That is why we have it running on EMC, problem is that this modified version is not typically "safe", because it is a modified version so you will encounter problems.
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  12. I love shop idea! It's unique and I havn't seen anything like it if JustinGuy could use his almighty powers to craft us this gift that would be so great! For the world edit thing... this specific subject and idea has come up before MANY times! We all undertand how easy it would make our lives but it makes us all lazy! What's the point in a game if you get so good at it that you just sit there letting machines do it for you! The same thing occurs with this theres no fun in typing a few codes to create something huge!
    I love your shop sign idea but no I don't like your world edit idea!