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  1. I have a server that I am currently trying to get up to play for people. However I a trying to use Essentials Group Manager for permissions, but I have a problem. I am unable to find the correct config/folder path to edit permissions. Can anyone out here on EMC help me with this?
  2. If you're new to Bukkit, then I highly recommend using YAPP for permissions. It's basically a permissions plugin designed to be usable by anyone, and can be configured completely from in game.
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  3. Great, but I also need to use the commands Essentials gives me.
    But I'll look into it none the less.
  4. YAPP, like most other permissions plugins, are capable of using Essentials' permission nodes. :)
  5. Awesome, I'll defiantly look into it now.
  6. I use groupmanager for permissions, you need to edit the permissions file in a world in the world folder within the groupmanager folder in /plugins for the permissions, then in the config.yml file in plugins/groupmanager/ you need to set up all your other worlds to mirror the one you set up permissions for.
  7. Like Jack said, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommend YAPP. It works like, *boom*!
  8. I am now using YAPP