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  1. It would be super cool if you could make a sign near a button and then write in it:
    first line: blank (your name will be in it-write other persons name if you want the money to go to someone else).
    second line: the price-here you type the price that the player will pay for a press.
    | RETGOOL |
    | P:2 |
    this will make you able to make automated casino's
    auto pay roller coaster
    and much more!
  2. This has been suggested many times, and may be added in the future. The one thing I worry about is the amount of "scams" it will cause (push this button to get something out of the dispenser, but dispenser is empty, etc).
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  3. yeah but just allow it to a door or /report *Res* "scam button"
  4. it would be better to just disable it for dispensers.
    and about the button, do the same for levers. (not for pressure plates cus it can be like oops i stteped and got robbed! lol)
  5. You could implement the confirm chat message that chestshop had a few weeks ago. Ie click on button -> message in chat says "right click button again to confirm to pay 20 rupees for 1 use" -> user right clicks again -> money is deducted and redstone is activated
  6. Also possible, an improvement to an existing feature: (flags)- now you could make block specific flags, it will be really useful!
  7. There could be a system to make sure there is something in a dispenser?
  8. This wouldn't very helpful in casino's cause then people would spam click then u might not enough stock to supply casinos IF you aren't very rich (Like me for example. only 28k)

    But would be a better version of donations, which would benefit EVERYONE.
  9. 28k? Poor?! You are wrong! I'm going great with 4.9k!
  10. "rich" is considered 500k plus for supporters.

    At least that's what i heard. and i have 23k now :)
  11. He is technically correct, however some of the richer players have left more recently, so I believe that "rich" is as follows:

  12. Missed that in the empire guide lol
  13. Not in the guide...I calculated a consensus average