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  1. Hello Empire! I have found an online website that may be found fun to many of you!

    Here's how it works:
    There is 1 DJ at a time, there can be as many as you like, but after they play 1 song, the dj is swapped for the next person in line. Meanwhile, everyone else is listening to the music played by the DJ's. Everyone has little characters and there is a screen which shows the music video.

    I have already set up a community (basically a group) So come and join the fun, click this link:

    I hope some of you come along :)
  2. I already know about this but i dunno I LUV PLUG DJ :D
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  4. ugh i forgot my password and email for it D : <
    cant get my old account back ;-; D:
  5. Nu shame D: I've changed the link btw :p
  6. wait did like plug dj reset...
  7. I don't know I only found it today :S
  8. wow yep my email and password is not in my memory anymore... daveiscool321... is a registered name ;-; crap how could i forget plug dj
  9. D:
  10. YAS got my account google+ saved mai lyfe dang i first joined 6/22/14
  11. Haha
  12. aw im a lower thing old plug dj you had points for wooting songs and djing and getting woots i had like 100 now there's levels
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  13. :I
  14. We already had one of these... :oops:
  15. Yeah I know, but when I went there there was only a RainbowChin afking there.
  16. someone come on D:?

    EDIT: nvm no one come on :)