[PLU EVENT] June 2015 Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Greetings! The PLU have finally reached a stage where we can host stable and self sustaining events! Once per month we will be hosting a small event and eventually work our way up towards a big contest at the end of the year. We decided to start in June mainly because we would love to begin our course into completing our goal; bringing good times to the community.

    Event: Scavenger Hunt

    Dunno about other versions but in this event you will search a 200x200 grid in the wild of SMP9 for 7 chests. Each chest will have a word, a number, and will be locked. Inside will be promos, rares, gems, and various items. Once you find the chest send a PM to PLU_ACC on the forums with the coords of the chest, the word on the chest, and the chest number to have the chest unlocked before you and receive your prize.


    Prizes: Diamonds and Other Things

    There are 7 chests and each chest is labeled with a number (1-7) Here they are.

    Chest 1

    Chest 2

    Chest 3

    Chest 4

    Chest 5

    Chest 6

    Chest 7

    Where: The Area of Scavenging

    Server = SMP9

    SMP9 Wild X:200 Z:4800 - X:0 Z:5000

    We appreciate everyone's participation, if you would like to apply to the PLU to receive rewards and recognition for your participation in the event then apply here: P.L.U Application

    If you would like to donate rupees then pay PLU_ACC, if you like to donate items PM NetherSpecter on the forums (NOT INGAME). Thank you :)
  2. This is an excellent idea :)
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  3. 30 minutes until the announcement of the coordinates to the area. Remember the first 7 different people to send me the info on the locked signs will win what's inside! SMP9 wild, you'll need boats, enderpearls and quite possibly a bed. No mining is necessary here as all of the chests are accessible on the surface.
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  4. I'm slightly confused, you just said that coordinates are being announced today but today is June the 15th. You said that this was on July the 15th in the OP, which is a month away...? It is titled as the July event too, but it is June? :p
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  5. *Facedesk* I meant June... UGH! This is so embarrassing...
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  6. I'm intrigued!
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  7. Coords:
    SMP9 Wild X:200 Z:4800 - X:0 Z:5000

    200x200 Area
    All 7 chests are in this area. Good luck and happy hunting.
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  8. So is it like first come first serve?:)
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  9. Pretty much, just whoever sends me the info. However you can only receive 1 chest.
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  10. And will this be in the Wastelands or the Wild/Frontier?
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  11. The OP and my coords post both state the wild. :)
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  12. Chest #5 has already been found by Agent_Creeper23.


    5 Diamonds
    4 Emeralds
    3 Redstone Ore
    1 Shiny Flesh
    1 Vault Voucher
    1 Uniquely Original Signed book by PLU_ACC that could be redeemed for 1,500 Rupees.

    Congrats, 6 chests left!
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  13. Have all the chests been found or are there still some hidden?
  14. Still 6 hidden out here. :) Will probably remove them on the 20th, so plenty of time to search the area.
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  15. Bump 6 chests to go!
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  16. Now 5 Chests congrats ThePenguino for finding chest number 7.

    Inside was

    1 Beacon
    1 Shiny flesh
    2 Redstone Ore
    4 Diamonds
    6 Emeralds
    1 Unique Book that contains a piece to a puzzle to unlock a massive prize.
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  17. Congrats to Kytula for finding Chest number 4.

    Inside was

    1 Thousand rupee redeemable book.
    5 Diamonds
    3 Emeralds
    1 Vault Voucher
    2 Redstone Ores
    1 Shiny Flesh.

    4 More chests left!
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  18. Speaking of which when is this event?
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