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  1. I have a plot at 18155 and one of my friends' plots is next door to me at 18154. A third of my friends just joined EMC. We would all LOVE to have a complete square of 4 residences and my third friend claiming the plot between me and my second friend would create this. This plot has not changed for at least a moth and I checked when the owner of the plot was last on. when I did this I found that he has not logged on for 42 days. I would like to know why this plot has not yet become available.
    Please help,
  2. If you PM Maxarias, BigDavie, ShaunWhite, or ICC they can Reset them for you.
  3. There has been issues with the derelict policy. If you would like a res reset, start a PM with IcecreamCow, Maxarias, BigDavie, and shaunwhite1982 and include:
    -Name of current owner of res
    -res #
    -Which server res is on
    -How long the player has been inactive
    They should get back to you quickly and reset the plot.
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  4. When someone hasn't been on for that long the res gets added to the derelict list. At the moment res's haven't been reset due to lower amounts of demand for res's. That's why most res's are just there. But yes, some res's do automatically get deleted. If you want a res that is derelict, refer to the advice above. Either PM a mod or ask them to delete the res if they are on the SMP you are on.
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  5. Thank you guys, I have MPed the players mentioned.