Plot Theme (Suggestion)

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  1. I just starting working on gathering resources and building small little huts for basic uses at first.

    I have a couple of ideas for what I want to do but I am not really sure.

    Idea One:
    A bio-dome.
    I want to manage a farm and open a shop. So, I have this interesting idea for making my whole plot covered in a massive bio-dome. Everything inside would be connected by tunnels. The farms would exist in a massive underground tunnel system. A shop area would have a showcase room, a buy room, and a sell room. My main crafting area would be in a glass enclosure connected to the shop somehow. My living quarters would be in a watch tower that would come out the top of the bio-dome overseeing the whole operation.

    Idea Two:
    A fortress.
    This would be more focused on a communist look. Very red, and bold. Fortress walls and main chamber with a throne seat and flags. Really, I don't like this idea, but I have an old draft of it that fits inside 60x60.

    Idea Three:

    A maze/abstract fortress.
    This will be basically a fun little maze thing. Kind of like crazy stairs but realistic. Many different colors, dead ends, and glass rooms that are hard to navigate. Most would be above ground but some more challenging rooms to maneuver would be underground.

    Personally, I think I am going to go with the first one. But, what do you think sounds better?

    Edit: Minor spelling mishaps. :)
  2. Idea 1 and 2
  3. Yeah. I think I am going with number one.
  4. communism FTW!! look on my lot, i have a NCU flag on my Utopia lot.
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  5. A bio-dome sounds really neat. If you made a dome above ground, you could have tiers/platforms with vegetation all around, and you could kind of create your own terrain. Cliffs with trees, waterfalls and a river... oh that would be so cool. And a tunnel system of farms sounds interesting too.

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  6. I really like this idea. It's going to take me a while but I think I have got it. :)
  7. Bio-dome is obviously the answer. Completely original and full of applicable functions, especially farming. Plus, no matter what you build inside it (with limitation) it will always look good. Fortress has no originality. A maze would be cool but you would need an incentive, and people are greedy. So are you prepared to gather a hundred diamonds so that 5 people will come visit?
  8. if you need help making a dome message MR2R2M, he has experience making larger ones, or use this to create a perfect voxel of one. :)
  9. i could help make glass.... i have a large furnace room and enough fuel i just could buy sand and collect it and make large amounts of glass just for your project
  10. I agree!

    Thanks but I made a program a long time ago for different types of structures. Plus, Vector math is fun.

    For free, then yes! :D

    I'm broke and I have a lot of fun farming. :)
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  11. not for free bro but ill sell 64 glass for 25r each
  12. Lol. No thanks then. I will farm for stuff. I like farming.
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