Please Un-Ban me

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Will you un-ban me?

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  1. Dear bonzd67, It seems that I have been banned for speed hacks and flying, them statements are true. On the other hand, since the new release of Minecraft 1.4 I have been forced to play on EMC using Voxel mod pack. Unxpectedly, unknown of it, Voxel mod pack comes with a flying and speed hack (I did not know until Jamsden_35 helped me get rid of it) so I have a mess around with the key board and find that the button causing the flight was F, before I started playing minecraft I always used the arrow keys and now im just getting used to the feel of W, A, S, D. My clumsy fingers sometimes when I press D slip onto F without my noticeing, causing me to when opening my inventory, to begin to fly up into the sky, causing me to disconect repeativley.

    Thanks for your time reading the approval and I hope to hear from you soon,


    P.S. Sorry if I put this approval in the wrong statement to write it in and I hope I get unbanned because Empire minecraft has the best serverd ever! Thanks, Jay
  2. PM him. You probably lost all your chances of getting unbanned.
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