"Please stop selling to my shop or I have to ban you"

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  1. I just received that message from the owner of a large "mall". He seriously runs a shop for buying and selling but comes up with ban threats in case you repeatedly sell to him. (No name and shame so I won't mention server or location).

    Now I'm running a buy-and-sell-shop at smp5 and was simply selling surplus goods (whenever my chests are full and the suppliers bring more). I don't mind a shopkeeper asking for a sell stop because he is low on money (I had that before and it was a pleasant chat from both sides). But threatening a ban instantly is a joke.

    If you don't want to purchase goods then do not offer to buy them with your shop signs or make the price so unattractive that nobody will sell to you. Pretending attractive buy prices but scaring off potential suppliers with "stop or ban" is childish. Am I seeing something wrong here?
  2. it seems a little bit silly to have sell signs if you don't want people to sell to you. they should just take them down if they don't want more stuff.
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  3. It was me.

    In all fairness, I do not take the sell signs down, instead I cap the chest once enough is sold. I did also make an acceptation this time - I do not usually ban people, unless they buy to restock very overpriced shops. And I often get a load of sells from you, which I honestly don't mind, plus my rupees balance has been going down severally. Also, the store is new, I haven't had time to cap chests, mainly due to the large farm I am working on (hence low rupees), as I said in /tell.

    I am sorry if you were offended by this, but if you pay a visit to 'some' other large stores on SMP2, you will find with a /res info that the owner has banned a lot of people who sell large quantities of items to them. Maybe it's just an SMP2 thing?

    You also could of been a little more polite in chat. No swearing I know, but aggression.
  4. I think it was you who started the aggression by instantly threatening ban instead of a polite asking "might I ask you to stop selling to me for a while since I am low on rupees" or whatever. Do not wonder if people feel insulted by your attitude.

    It is very easy to control the flow of goods for a shop, you can limit chests, raise or lower prices, stop buying a good at all etc. Hence, if you offer to buy something then don't jump on people who do, even if repeatedly.

    To not make an elephant out of this, I won't sell to your mall anymore and possibly totally avoid smp2 in future since you guys have pretty high prices out there so it's unattractive to buy, on the other hand you don't want to get stuff sold.

  5. Quite childish if you ask me Buttros.
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  6. Would you like me to post screenshots of the conversation?
  7. Please guys, there is no need for an argument. Buttros you probably have no idea about how much time, money, and resources alexchance has put into making the community farm. And in the end he will barely end up using it. So since he has spent so many rupees on something that big he will need just enough to keep himself in business. So please understand the position of others before snapping at them like that. Alexchance is a good person. I bet you not even half the empire would spend half the amount of money/resources to make something used by the community.
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  8. Thanks man, I really appreciate someone understanding. :) Total cost so far is 135k and 1 failed maths test. ;P
  9. I think you can cap your Chests with other materials such as 1 dirtblock in each free space of chest isn't it? It really shouldn't be a problem to customize your chest so far the you just buy and sell what u want.
  10. Lol about to fail a math test because i was looking for cats all night lol :)
  11. Your lots are your lots, you can ban who you want from them for whatever reason :)
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  12. Just go to D1223M's on SMP3. He's one of the richest people here.
  13. Guys, people buying from one shop to sell in their shop isn't a dirty tactic or odd at all. This is how normal business works every single day in real life. I can actually see those who are smart enough to do this in a videogame are some of the people we might see come up with new innovative ideas in the future for business outside of the game. ;)
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  14. BOTTOM LINE. Dont want people to sell to you?!? Remove the sell signs, duh. Easy peasy as lemon squeezy. :rolleyes:
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  15. Yup! I got banned from Alex's shop because of just that. I laughed and took the hit. Shouldn't sell Glowstone so cheaply! :)
  16. I didn't ban you..
  17. That's what I do :)

    I know it's not dirty, I just don't like it :) and there's a lot of big store's that don't like it either.

    I already explained - no time. ;P

    Thank you. It's the way d3r3k and I run our business. :)

    Also guys, I'm not exactly low on rupees, I'd just rather save them for the farm, just in case I need to buy loads..more.
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  18. So when do we get our varying quality of products,extortion and stealing, and tax plugins?
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