Please stop all these crazy...

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  1. ... auctions. Im not nearly earning as much as I used to. How am I meant to be the richest player ever if you all jump on the bandwagon?

    I'v got little Steve's to feed here!

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  2. I don't know.

    Just give me all your money and stop worrying about it?
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  3. Whats the command again?
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  4. /r pay crazy1080 14
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  5. Well I dont have that much! Who could be that rich?!

    Do you think anyone will notice we're just bumping our posts and likes like this?
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  6. Is this a joke? I don't get it if it is xD
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  7. Sorry that was meant to be in grey text... where is the edit button again?
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  8. It's not a joke. (It is a joke)
    You need to stop making auctions. (No seriously, it's a joke)

    btw, fail gray text on purpose. :b
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  9. cheeseballs!
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  10. Seriously though.
    Give me all your money.
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  11. no you should totally give it to me
  12. .......not
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  13. you'll just have to find a new way of getting filthy rich. i mean, even with no competition, how long is it going to take before people realize silk touch is only so useful. Maybe 1.2 will bring new money making opportunities. You can't start a circus though. That's my idea. If you're good on the high wire I might have a job for you.
  14. Oh no they realised what I was up to :eek:
  15. No give it to me i give you CLAY!
  16. U wish u could hide that
  17. Cant.. think.. decent.. come-back.. :mad:

    Well expect another pointless thread next week! :D
  18. Seriously?
    I don't care for people making auctions as long as they give me all their money, wich will be great because IM GOING TO BE RICH BABEEE yuhuuuul!!!
  19. The economy's falling apart

    I really need to fart