Please, someone explain to me why!

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  1. My question is why are avalaunchers worth so little now? The price of them has dropped significantly this year and i dont understand why. Last year one avalauncher could be bought for 20k tokens and sold for around 200-300k sometimes more. Which would mean that roughly 10k tokens was worth 100k ruppes + roughly. Now the cost 10k tokens, wouldnt that mean they should sell for 100k ruppes or more? Sorry if this sounds a bit immaturely explained, im not well with economy and currency, this is just my outlook on this situation.

    Also, is this decrease on avalaunchers because they are still in season and will most likely skyrocket later into the year?

    The reason why im asking is because i bought more than 15 avalaunchers using my tokens to raise money for a big project and im worried i will not be able to obtain the ruppes i though i would have from selling them.
  2. well for starters, these new avalaunchers will be used every year from now on
    also, last year tokens were more rare and harder to obtain
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  3. The new ones have no year on them so will most likely be reused again. This means more and more will be around and the price will come down more.
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  4. Well thats depressing :/ poor decision on my part; should have saved those tokens for land claiming.
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  5. Agreed. Thankfully I used tokens on my alts :p
  6. i used tokens on my alts as well lol luckily i saved 20k tokens on my main one. ill just have to work hard to get the amount back up before land claiming
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  7. Although I agree that what Kloned said played a roll in the price drop, I think a lot of it can be attributed to the new miniboss spawn rates, especially before they were nerfed, as well as enraged farms.
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  8. So would it benifit me to sell them now or maybe wait a little bit longer till they cant be bough with tokens? I have to buy 6 permadirelct vouchers so i want to try and milk as much as i can out of it with a reasonable price
  9. The older ones should be gaining value as they originally cost more(?) and also have a date. This uniqueness is not shown in the new ones, and more are in the market. More supply generally means lower prices, and this supply won't necessarily run out as you (probably) will be able to get the same avalauncher next year.
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