Please remove the "no one is close enough to hear you"

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  1. With my decision to move to the wilderness, I would like to be able to talk in the chat without This, "No one is close enough to hear you". Like really? It's going to be quite lonely out there (Which it is) not talking to anyone and seeing how everyone's been without going back to the town.
    And I would like to ask if you can remove it. I know you can MSG people but it get quite annoying,
    (/msg removethisnow hey mate how you going?)

    Who knows why it even there, to prevent spam? Even thought hardly anyone live in the wilderness.....
  2. You can form a group and chat over any distance/world.

    Local chat is meant to be just chat... Local. It's a mighty range in the wild, 512 blocks.

    It would be quite confusing if someone was like "help" in wild chat, but that person is over 5k blocks away. That is why its not global in the wild.

    There is also supporter chat, which is server wide chat for supporters if you do want more communication, but we strongly recommend playing with other players, so form a group before heading out, mine and adventure together and get buffs :)
  3. The message appears because you can only use local chat in the Wild, and no-one can hear the message since no-one's close enough to hear t.
  4. also you can start a convo with anyone by just typing @(therenamehere)

    the convo will stay on that person till one of you logs off
  5. I personally like the message. It show me if anyone is around me while im in the wild, also I use it to see if anyone is following me to my wild base :3
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  6. Yeah still, after awhile it will get quite annoying creating groups with some people then making others for other people ETC. I always like to see what people are up to in the town, about the "help being 5k blocks away" I'm sure people would say were are you? Some people would travel 10k blocks just to kill a momentus. But spamming help, you could add a "you cant duplicate messages" thing, don't know what the pluggins called.
  7. They could give us acess to /near?
  8. yes but a simple "hello?" to see if anyone is following is the same as it being a /near command
  9. I use Local chat and type "/ch who" if I want to know whether anyone is around. If you type anything else in Local you are potentially giving yourself away.
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  10. You can use it in any world, not just wild.
    You can still switch to another channel to end the conversation.