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  1. Hello Empire.
    Tonight Season 3 of Under the dome is on with a 2 hour premier (according to the website)

    It is a super AMAZING.

    For those who don't have any clue what I'm talking about:
    Under the dome is about a town (Chesters Mill) that gets trapped under a invisible "fish bowl" other known as a dome.
    There are many characters such as, Julia Schumway , Barbie (Dale Barbra), Big Jim Rennie, Jr. Rennie, Angie Mcalistar, Joe Mcalistar, Duke Perkins, Norrie Calvert, And many more.

    The people of Chesters Mill have to survive the dome. Food will run low. Water will become undrinkable. And it'll even rain IN the dome :eek:.

    There is much more action in this show. The current season is #3 Ep. 1 (starting tonite)

    It would mean alot to me if you guys could check out the first episode if season 3 (and the others if you want) they are amazing!

    You will NOT be disappointed in this show, it is the best show EVER (In my opinion)
    Lots of action, sometimes there's comedy, and "drama".

    Thank you all who have read this post.

    2 your premier starts at 8pm here in Colorado.
    10pm Emc time.

    New member of the cast:
    Marg Helgenberg.

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  2. We have very different views of the show :p. I have watched the first and second seasons and I will watch this next season, but not because it is the best. Personally, I found the show to be so bad that it is hilarious and funny to watch. All of the characters are complete idiots and make horrible decisions while weird plot conveniences come around ever corner. Not to mention Big Jim has serious multiple personality disorders. First, he is the bad guy and tries (or does) kill people in the dome for his own greedy goals. The very next episode he repents is terrible behavior and declares himself the righteous leader of the dome people and tells all of the main characters that the dome has made him a new person and he is their savior. The next episode he kills someone and repeats. For those who want a humorous review about the last season finale (spoilers), read this. Also, every now and then they have a five minute sequence of Microsoft product placement where they loosely tie in the surface tablet into some helpful part of the plot.
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  3. It has almost nothing to do with Steven king's book other than a dome and names.
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  4. Is there a way to see this as european, any tips ?
  5. Not sure. You have the cbs4 app?
  6. Last bump b4 show
    Please it would mean ALOT if you would watch it