Please read this! Very important not a joke!

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Should I be unbanned because this ridiculous response?

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  1. Ok so the beloved moderator ISMOOCH, banned my account for the reason of
    "attempting to bypass punishment"? What? Yes that's the actual ban reason. Anticolors is an alternate account for my Venom3000 account. I logged in as Anticolors completed the tutorial since this is the Very first time it has ever joined EMC and so I was trying to sort it out and see why my main account ( Venom3000 ) was banned. ISMOOCH however didn't give me 2 minutes to try and explain what had happened with my Venom3000 account. I would Love to be able to talk to Justinguy about this or ever a Co-owner. I think the ban reason for the Anticolors account is ridiculous and un-believable and I would like to see this sorted out and be able to explain everything and get an explanation for the ridiculous ban reason for Anticolors. Admins of EMC please email me at [personal info removed] or you can contact me on Skype [personal info removed]
  2. Please address your ban appeal with Ismooch in a private conversation. If you feel you have been treated unfairly by Ismooch, then message IcecreamCow. Do not post threads about your ban on the forums.
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