Please pray for porphyrian!

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  1. Hi all! porphyrian is very sick.:( His throat is swelling shut and a wire from one of his past surgeries is sticking out of his ear. Please pray for him or post here for a get well soon note. Thank you! :)
  2. I don't really know but he had to get ear surgery because his hearing was getting really bad
  3. Tell him I hope he feels better soon :)
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  4. thanks 5weety and bro
  5. p.s. i have strep throat and realy bad hearing, so sayith the doctor
  6. I'll be praying. Get well soon :)
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  7. Use the concentrated power of a thousand kung-fu masters and kick the sick out!
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  8. ill be praying to allah for a swift recovery
  9. thanks all p.s. who else is sick
  10. I am praying for you! Get well soon, porphyrian!
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  11. thanks hashhog
  12. I have a bad cold...
  13. and gess wat, im home tomarrow too and i have the worst E/LA teacher ever, here name is Mrs. Davis - also known as by me the DEVIL, literaly
  14. that is how I get out of being sick just forget that it ever happened or if it is bad do that
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  15. thx for praying for porphyrian it means alot to me and him
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  16. I'll keep you in my prayers and the prayer book at school :)
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  17. Did you eat a muffin? It was probably a muffin. Get better soon!