Please need help!

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  1. Please i am new and need some people to buy cobble from my shop THX
    Where:SMP2 Tdog556 residents
  2. Hey empire i am trevor and im new to join and a good person(no griefing) but im a big fan of the smp2!
  3. Welcome and no one will buy from you just because you whine and beg.
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  4. Bit harsh :( Anyways, Welcome to the empire Trevor! :) My name is trevor too :D
  5. You'd think a 55 y/o person would be a bit more... mmm... _________


    on another note, If i were you and I'm not 55 y/o I'd change that in my profile page since lying about age is a break of the rules; Not to be harsh either, but just to make sure

    Are you under 13 (wich is EMC minimum age requirement) and trying to go over the rules? not smart

    EDIT: btw early birthday congratz! cuz you are turning 56 in 9 days!
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