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  1. Ok, i'm FREAKING out. I met this guy on steam, and we became friends. I was talking with him, and i learned that he was a clopper. He's controlling my PC, it's minor, but he's still doing it.
    WHAT DO I DO?!?! D:
  2. shut down your computer and reboot it
  3. Alright
  4. If that didn't work, run a scan with an antivirus program. If you need one, just google AVG Free.
  5. Counter Hack it muahaha. no jk. Not so sure what to do... and how do we know it isnt him posting this
  6. Ok then.
    Ask me a question that only the real jtc0999 would know
  7. How do we know you're not him posting this? Or me?
  8. He's a what?
  9. Clopper- a person who enjoys and/or makes pony PORN
    I was lead to a website where...where....
    I'll never be the same again :(
  10. What is DT?
  11. Delta Team 2.0; a book series i have written based off the Halo series
  12. You'd rather not know.
    Also, how is he controlling your PC? Is he doing it at the current moment? If so, what is he doing?
  13. Well, he cut off my internet and caused all my programs to shut down.
    He is not; i rebooted my PC
  14. I guess someone's learned a lesson today to not click suspicious links.
    It's okay, they won't scar you any more. Shhhh shhh, everything will be alright.
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  15. Well either way I highly suggest running anivirus software and contact your isp provider to get your ip rerouted.
  16. If it happens again i will do that.
    For now, i'm keeping an eye on him
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  17. Run Malwarebytes. If nothing comes up but you feel the need to dig further than run TDSSKiller from Kaspersky Labs.
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  18. Yeah...this is why "Bronies" get such bad flack and stuff. Not only do they have to spread it around but there are people who make it inappropriate. It's the same with Furries :(.

    How exactly is he controlling your pc? :confused:

    Edit: NVM just saw you answered that.
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  19. Maybe these cats will ease your pain.
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