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  1. I have a question. I need A quick yet large amount of rupees and I need some way to get it. I cant and will not run a store, Because of the fact i can not keep it stocked. I can probably get a large amount of certain Items and sell them at one but that takes too long. Can anybody make a suggestion on how to make some Quick Rupees?
  2. Buy them. Sell items. There arent many other ways to do it.
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  3. Go kill the withers and get a head. Those sell for like 10k apiece.
  4. When you say large, how large are we talking? Depending on how much you need would really depend on what exactly you could do. Most people will say to run a shop or go collect materials and sell them to shops or auctions.
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  5. You may not prefer to do this but it is an option: Click this link then scroll down the page until you see a section titled "Donate - Help the Empire and get rupees :)" Move the dial to the amount of rupees you want/need and then click donate. This method will involve trading real money for rupees but it does help the empire out so it's up to you ;)

    Another method is to buy an alt account or advertise the server to the world or just your friends because if they put your name down as the player who referred them you'll get 500r!

    The best option in my opinion though is to just go out and do some mining then sell it to others perhaps gather items which are selling out of malls fast (in demand), but seriously it's not going to take that long for you to get rupees from going out into a desert and excavating sand to sell to people. Just suck it up and gather some items to sell to make money... Theres no need to be lazy in a game lol.
  6. harsh, but true
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