please help

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by sad_happyface, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. i have a question
    i cant connect to and even when i try to go on the internet and to it through the browser i cant get on the website what do i do
  2. is down right now. It just went down. I havent really checked for any explanation or anyhthing. but just understand it isnt just you. and posting mulitple threads about it does not help it get answered. please delete your other thread so as not to spam the forums with unneeded material.
  3. ok thanks i was confused cause my friend got on and i couldnt
    i will delet the other thread
  4. The site must be having some down time. It's cool. It gives all of us a reason to sleep tonight!

    And seriously, two threads isn't necessary, as it's not like the other supporters can't view outside of the Supporters' forum.
  5. okok srry thanks
  6. see now he will definitely listen now that a mod said it... my comment didnt mean anything.. >.< (.jk)