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  1. Hey guys I've FINALLY saved 2000r and I am making a castle on smp4 when I get I new res.and I need help making it I will pay 2000r for 5 to 15 stacks of stone brick and I will pay you up to 2100r on stone bricks..please help ps:I would love to get donations of anythings rupees, cobble, stone...ect

  2. If I can get people donating cobble,rupees and stone i will give you free iron :$and I will sell diamonds dirt cheap
  3. I have almost an entire large chest full of stone bricks from strongholds in a large chest on smp2. maybe i could sell you some. but i have to leave for school, i have to get up so early to even check the website before leaving XD
  4. Don't worry about the 2000r deal....but I still really need donations please