please help me!

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  1. help.PNG
    this is not normal its all zoomed in and i cant make it stop
  2. Right click desktop. Choose Screen Resolution. Move Slider. Run Microsoft Security Essentials so it's Green. Run updates.
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  3. That's happened to me several times. Sometimes you just have to restart the computer. It usually occurred for me when I got out of a game, like TF2. If that's the case, a simple preventative solution is opening it in a window from then on.
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  4. yeah i was playing a game i will try restarting it.
    the same game moved all my desktop items too it must be like minecraft: vary buggy
  5. I'd suggest restarting your computer, or at least logging out then back on. Also turn off any programs that one in that resolution.
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  6. got it fixed but most of my desktop got scrambled:mad:
  7. May I recommend Fences? While not directly a solution to your problem, it handles resolution change mess-ups very gracefully. :)