Please help me IcecreamCow Maxarias and shaunwhite1982 !

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  1. To IcecreamCow, Maxarias and shaunwhite1982.
    18384 is a completely empty res by my relatives of the name captaincraft300. 18384 is owned by TePehi, a person who of which has not been seen on smp9 for a very long time, and no members i have talked to know of TePehi. I was wondering if the above listed names would help me declaim TePehi from his res 18384 in smp9 and make it available for me to claim, me being FDNY21. Thank you.
  2. Hey! What about aikar!
  3. PM the Senior Staff or will get there attention faster
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  4. Just PM any of them

    So considering he is a new member on forums, he is a smart user.
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  5. Thanks, I'll PM them now
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  6. Does it ever occur to you guys that someone might not know what a "pm" is?
  7. Just report the main post with this reason:
    Lock this please, just going to PM them.
    That way this will be locked and no one will bump it >.>
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  8. If they read the guide then they should
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  9. Here you go:

    Start a conversation with Maxarias. She should be able to help you.
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