please follow the direlict policy!

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  1. hi everyone i dont know if anyone else has noticed that the number of available residences is going down in the signup you say that anyone who hasnt been on the server in 10 says will be removed i have come across people who havent been on in as much as 90 days! ths bothers me personnaly i dont know if it is diffucult to keep track of this but it will eventually start to ruin the servers :/ for example panicffxi a neighboring res hasnt been online in 89 days! there are also many claimed but never built on residences
    that really need to be unclaimed so please if you would take this into consideration i would greatly appreciate it
  2. Ok, Residences are deleted as needed. As a player goes derelict, they are added to a queue for their residences to be unclaimed and reset. There is plenty of reasons why this is not a fully automated system that resets their residence the minute it is 1 minute past ten days, such as if someone goes on a short vacation and forgets to PM IcecreamCow before they leave. If you would like me to explain more thoroughly, than I can...

    To sum it up though - They won't be changing the current system anytime soon because it works. Members can PM IcecreamCow or shaunwhite1982 if they want a residence unclaimed - such as in your example. A couple of reasons may be to get new members as members or to have a residence reset so they can claim it for themself.

    I know that both of them would be more than happy to do this for you at their earliest convenience.

    I may have forgotten something - Reply back if you have any more questions answered on the subject
  3. The way the system works is this:

    If a residence of a player who isn't protected (via supporter, etc.) goes offline for 10 days, that residence is put into a queue. As the system notices we are running low on residences for a server, it goes into that queue and frees up a large handful of residences that have been in that queue the longest. So, at this point, we aren't in danger of running out of residences for new people.
  4. lol, That's what I forgot to put in - Supporters are exempt from the derelict policy :)
  5. So is it actually automated or do you have to unclaim each res yourself?
  6. It is automated.
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  7. ah ok
    ahh alright i understand now
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