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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jeanzl2000, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. Well My business partner/friend isn't allowed to play games for 2 months because he played too much but our mall was supposed to open Today but only he can type
    /res set move true

    unless You would enable the admin flag so I could type it.

    Also the Admin flag is useful!.


    I'm tired of hearing this oh but then people will give it away and theyw ill get greifed WEll WHO CARES> THEY GAVE IT ITS THEIR FAULT
  2. I think this has been suggested. Just told different.

    Either way; I support this 100%
  3. Full support
  4. what is an admin flag?
  5. I agree so I give Full Support!
  6. You give it to someone so basicly they can give flags away too
  7. Did you not read the main post?!?!

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  8. Didn't you request this a few weeks ago and the staff said maybe, because it would cause problems but is definitely a good idea?
  9. You know, even if they do enable it right this very second, you still wont be able to do anything.
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  10. I like the idea :)
  11. PLEASE, Aikar! just do it
  12. Yes but I could wait for him to sneak out again at midnight
  13. This would be amazing.
  14. PROS:
    • Players could live together
    • Players could manage shops together
    • Stuff together

    • (Some)Players Will betray trust.

    SOLUTION TO CONS: Just be smarter giving the thing.
    WHY ISN'T IT APPLIED YET: Because members think it'll 'cause more problems and stuff.
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  15. You would just need to give that flag to people you REALLY REALLY REALLY trust :D
  16. This idea has been requested already and it's been decided a few times that we won't enable admin flag at this time as it would cause more issues than help. Everyone is given their OWN residence for free and anything they'd want to do , personal or business, could be done without the need or help of anyone else. If you do choose to work with someone there of course will be light limitations, but that's up to each person to decide.
Thread Status:
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