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  1. Hello.
    Right now I'm suffuring through something awful.

    As you know I own 509 and 407. Now yesterday 406 openened up and I alreayd owned 506 which is 2 residences away from 407 and 406 is next to 407 so I unclaimed 506 and claimed 406 so fermat8 could claim 506 but she had to help her mom.

    Then after an hour Element4 claimed 506 and I pleaded him to please let my alt claim it until fermat8 got on.
    I deleted 2 of my residences so I could claim 506 before he built anything on it because 506 means a lot to me since its next to my casino and me and fermat were gonna have a giant res in the sky.

    But now we can't because Element4 won't unclaim 506.

    I've begged him for hours and he won't.

    Please help me.
  2. It was fair game to them. You should have made prior arrangements with someone who could reserve it for you before you began with your plan. They might want to create a shop next to that area, since it might be busy. If they do, their reason for staying is just as valid as your reason for wanting the res.
  3. Cant make them move, the only way is to offer rupees to him thats all I can think of
  4. It's first come first serve, you're out of luck.
  5. But I shouldn't have to offer rupees.
    What happened to kindness of their hearts?
  6. Oh Great now hes planning to make it into a mega mall...
  7. And what's wrong with that?
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  8. Please start a private discussion with Element4 instead of involving the entire empire.

    Thread has been closed.
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