Please come by and enjoy some time at The Highlands [smp3]

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  1. The Highlands

    Are you planning to take a camping trip in the near future? Well look no farther. We here at the The Highlands invite you to come camp on our beautiful Mount Scarligmione. We offer great camping spots on the top of the mountain and at the base of the mountain as well as a beautiful beach front for all you people who enjoy playing in the water.

    Feel free to come by anytime and just have a look around. To get to our beautiful mountain all you need to do is type /v 6526 and you will be teleported strait to the base of the mountain right in front of the cozy little ranger office. We look forward to seeing you and if not we appreciate that you took the time to read our advertisement.

    [Off Topic] The pictures really don't do it any justice I recommend looking at it before you post what you think about it. Also this res is far from done just thought I'd give everyone a sneak preview.
    2012-05-03_22.54.21.png 2012-05-03_22.55.03.png 2012-05-03_22.58.23.png