Please anyone have silk touch diamond pick?

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Min_Miner, May 29, 2012.

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  1. The silk touch diamond pick that I am looking to find..
    is not used
    and is less than 1500r
    please anyone?
    thank you
  2. Really Min? I may as well be buying it but I won't I will pay you still.
  3. really?
    but I need the double chest of 64 glass!!!!
    leave me alone.....
  4. Ok.
  5. You won't find a silk touch less than 1.5k. I have one with Unbreaking III tho.
  6. How used? That might be good enough. For Min but I think I know why he is doing this. *cough*Remember spanish min?*cough*
  7. well I only have 1500r
  8. It's unused.
  9. ok!!!
    how much
  10. I think it's worth at least 10-15k.
  11. is it silk touch?
  12. Yes, it's Silk touch with Unbreaking III.
  13. if its used can I have it with 1150r?
    thank you
  14. If you looked at my previous posts its unused.
  15. yup silk is definitely worth around 8k with silk only
  16. Tell that to smp9 - everyone thinks silk touch, Eff III for 6k or Silk touch, Ubreaking III, Eff IV for 14k is expensive.
    And funny thing is a lot of those won't make a step outside of a town, let alone mine anything or do anything else and then they think I'm crazy that I want to sell one of the best pic you can get for 14k.
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  17. i sold a silktouch for 5k the other day.. lol along with a silk touch axe that was used the total was 7k
    to you superVal, ya sly dog ;)(edit, b word too harsh)
    want that axe or not?
    SuperVal thinks 2.5k for an unbreaking 3 eff 3 fortune 2 diamond axe is about spot on.. 5k is too much is it?
    oh and silktouch for 1.5k? lol
  18. This thread is only 2 hours old?
  19. yup! :D
  20. Its worth 7-10k
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