Players starting arguments for no reason

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  1. I am sick of this! If anything, this will turn me away from EMC and make me cancell my Diamond supporter status. PLAYERS STARTING ARGUMENTS SIMPLY CAUSE THEY ARE BORED! Stop it!

    One guy on chat accidently used caps, and apolagised. Still after the apology, one player in paticular, continued to abuse the poor guy and threaten him with reports ect.

    Alot of threads on this forum are arguments! If your gonna start or continue are argument, simply do not reply to the thread, simple as that. Its a waste of everyones time, esspecially EMC staff who are called to these arguments to solve them, and its extremely annoying!
  2. sometimes there are a reason ( me fightting for no reset)
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  3. Yes i accept this. BUT, these debates are ussually on threads MADE for the debate. It would clearly state in the thread that the person who wrote it would like everyone elses opinions ect ect.

    I do not want everyone elses opinions, or random comments ect ect. It does not say here "Please feel free to start a mindless argument with no real reason"
    So as it is the first two comments have been reported.
  4. Oh yeah totaly
  5. People like to bump heads, its as simple as that. Is it right? No, but the human psyche is a very confused and twisted place where nothing makes sense. Like the Twilight Zone or my home state of Alabama. It does get tiresome, sometimes, but you can always take the mod's advice and ignore those that bother you, though some chat conversations will seem strange afterwards as others still talk to them.
  6. U dont wana know. And gottsmote i think we need to adress the angry posts ppl make on emc. Like if they are mad about ppl saying grammar nazi
  7. I asked who has an enchantment shop ???
    On supoorter channel it was supposed to be in town then i typed it in town someone said Spammer!!!!
  8. Hmm, touchy subject, that one. I for one advocate the use, or at least the attempted use of proper grammar. This includes correct word usage and not a word's synonym, punctuation, and capitalization. Though, I do have the sense to not rage at people that do not follow these ideals.

    As to being called a Grammar Nazi? I have no problem being called one, nor do I have any issue with accepting the title.

    Got to love the typo in this.
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  9. He says as he starts an argumentative thread.
  10. happened to mine yesterday in SMP4 (no names)