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  1. As of this time (6:28am EST) SMP's 3,4 and 9 are currently experiencing issues. Before posting a thread, or pm'ing a moderator or other staff member about the issue, just know that everyone that needs to be contacted, has been contacted to the best of our ability. As soon as everyone is up, and the issue is found, it will be remedied. Please be patient at this time while the Empire has just a little technical difficulties.

    Thanks for being patient guys.

    I will keep you guys updated so no one is left out of the dark.

    6:36am EST
    JustinGuy is up and looking into the issue.

    6:42am EST
    All servers back up

    applause for JustinGuy for getting everything done so quickly :)
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  2. awesome ty , its great you made this post, so we can all keep informed :). keep up the awesome jobs guys!!
  3. Ok all is fixed, nothing was lost or anything like that. One of the physical servers just decided to stop taking outside connections to it (happens from time to time). Thanks for the patience everyone :)
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Not open for further replies.