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  1. ok people we all know that EMC has a lot of people but it's not enough for the sweet empire I am forming a team on smp1 anyone who wants to help come on now please. Help us for the empire! ask any questions in the comment section. This is not pvp!
  2. this is a group that is trying to get more people on EMC
  3. What can really get people on EMC, is voting and telling their friends, so I could just do that without a group.
  4. 4 things to remember

    -If it's PVP you're looking for, please leave this server right now.

    -We do not allow PVP

    -We will never allow PVP on any over the SMP servers.

    -Akair is working on a secret PVP project (most likely a PVP server).
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  5. Be more specific in the main post, I still don't know what this is all about...
  6. gap its just a group is going to help get more people on emc. and for everyone else look at the main post again
  7. Maybe having more people on is not a good thing. More people = more griefers/idiots mixed into the other people
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  8. By that logic we might just as well get rid of all the players we have now, as that would get rid of all the griefers, right?.
    As more people join so will griefers, if you play on any server you will get used to that, but thankfully we have an amazing team of staff to fight against them.

    And guys, if you actually read his post, you will see that he nether mentions PvP, not once.
  9. I understand we would have to get rid of everyone. What I'm saying is that if we have more people, then that will just get worse in theory
  10. We need more people, we need to expand.
    We can't just tell all new people to go away just because a few of them will be griefers.
  11. I'm not saying to tell all people to go away. What I'm trying to say is that maybe we need to somehow root out all of the griefers, or have a way to prevent griefing, as in OwnBlock or something.
  12. Well, suggesting plugins for the server would be an entirely different matter.
  13. face.jpeg
    I think we can read perfectly fine, but I don't really think that you were on the server when I was watching Soul and this conversation unfold.
  14. the DT was fine at first ... then copher started to ask like a 7 year old xD
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  15. First of all...
    You don't need to be 13, as long as you have parental permission.

    Anyone who is planning on turning this thread into a discussion about age requirements, bad spelling (which he can't help, maybe he should use "spell-check" though) and anything else that's completely off topic, please leave this thread alone. I'm also going to report the first off-topic posts - hope they get deleted.

    He was not talking about PvP - I believe he meant "on the server, when we were organising we were having a discussion about PvP." If not that then he probably meant "PvP is a key factor of which people look for when joining a multiplayer server, should be added." - will be added, just waiting for the new server.

    I believe that what he's trying to say in the OP is: "I'm forming a group/clan that is going to discuss some actions to help EMC grow"
  16. you beat me to it I was typing something along those lines D:
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