Players kill my aniamls with eggs!

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  1. Today when i got back from wild then i saw someone had eggifyed my farm and used the eggs to kill my animals! I really wana know who did this. Someone did this when i was in wild for 45 mins only!
    I know Then someone Was out for some wool or food i know about someone who always ask me if he can kill my animals and ask me a for food and wool altime from me .But i probly can't remember his name!
  2. ask a mod they may have a record of people entering you're res
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  3. Well Said. :)
  4. Mini Moose is on the case!
  5. How were they eggified? You can eggify someone else's animals......
    Your probably meaning pelting the animals with eggs. Well sorry it happened.
  6. Eggs and Snowballs dont do damage, at all, they couldntve killed you animals. Unless the animals were in wild, nobody without build perms couldve eggified them
  7. Actually I have killed many chickens with there own eggs it is possible.
  8. I was about to call chrisdog a liar... xD
  9. No you can't...
  10. I have to flat out disagree with that.
  11. Give me a sec, I'll go into my Test world to disprove it and post a video.
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  12. Just shot a chicken with an egg 30 times, still took 4 hits to kill.
  13. It just spawns more
  14. Video?
  15. Yes you can. I have had chickens get stuck in my machine and get pelted to death by the incoming eggs.
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  16. Give me 10 mins.

  17. -MC Wiki, This is probably what happened
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  18. You can kill a chicken with about 60 eggs.
    Whoever did this wouldn't of had enough time to do so, so i tihnk he is lying to get your spawn eggs.

    It would of taken about 4 full enventories to kill about 20 animals. And a lot of time to do so. so this myth is BUSTED.

  19. Just shot a chicken with 2000+ eggs, didnt die.