player to player

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  1. i got a suggestion:

    a command in chat

    player1 types it and then player2 gets a request about it
    if player 2 accepts it then it ll teleport player1 to player2 or player 2 to player1 depends on the typed command...
  2. As long as it was only in town, I wouldn't be too concerned, since it just saves a little time hunting the person down, but definitely against it in the wild / nether.
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  3. so u dont like it...
  4. I would personally be against this in the wild. One of the things I like about the servers is the true wild feel.
  5. i meant this in town only srry i didnt say before
  6. Then yeah I don't think it would be a bad idea
  7. u mean tpa?
  8. then what ll be with it?